Monday, November 17, 2008


So the big race, the Davis 12/24, is May 2-3. The course is 168 miles and 8000 feet of the Davis Double route followed by an 18 mile flat loop around Winters. He or she who covers the most miles in 24 hours wins. He or she who rides 464 miles gets the course record. With this in mind I headed out for my long ride this morning and went around the lake from River Bend Park. This part of the ride is 90 miles with 3500 feet of climbing and includes two 20 minute climbs that I did at sub-threshold. After that I jumped right to the tt-bike and did 4x10:00 at 90% of threshold. Average speed was 23-24mph. This is a good start. If I get on the tt-bike after 10:00 hours (average speed 16.8) then average 21.2mph for 14 hours I will break the course record. Not much room for error but within my ability...if everything goes right. Luck be a lady.

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