Saturday, November 22, 2008

River Ride

I must admit I was feeling kinda grumpy this morning cuz I'm getting tired of repeating Steve's story over and over all day every day and I'm really kinda pissed that a certain Jackass put him in the gutter with no where to go but down. So I went out and silently shut down every attempt at a breakaway by said Jackass. I never accelerated hard, just grooved it up slowly, pulling the sprinters back into the mix. When the breakaways disolved and the pace slowed I went straight to the front and kept it rolling. It's a good way to get a hard workout. I averaged over 300 watts for 25 minutes in each direction. I got shuffled to the back a couple of times while recovering but was never in danger of getting shelled. I pushed the pace going into the sprints and averaged over 30mph for one minute on the front of both sprints, driving it up to 35 before pulling off. My legs felt heavy but with the junior gears I'm never in danger of getting bogged. Yep, 35 mph at 118 rpm at 600 watts for over 300 meters...Friday night cat 3/4 races are gonna be fun heeheehee.

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