Monday, November 24, 2008

pump track mania

We went out to Clarksburg and rode on a pump track for three hours yesterday. I rode my twenty inch street bike and Terry's Santa Cruz Dirtjumper. I'm kinda partial to the street bike cuz if a manual goes bad it's easier to step off the back and let the bike go. It looks like it is totally a skills course but it is also a huge total body workout, especially if you do multiple laps. I rode so long that I bonked and had to find some sugar. Today I am feeling it big time. I was stiff and sore in new places and my legs pretty much burned all day. But, I've been having such a good time riding in the dirt that I climbed up Stage Coach on my Monday ride around the lake.


camps said...

That looks nice. Is it indoor? Public? Add it to our map of Pump Tracks in the US

Dino Dante said...

At this point it's private but is marked to go public. It is built in a lighted hay barn. A hay barn has two walls facing the direction that storms travel. Pretty cool. If we go again I'll give the owner your blog address.