Monday, October 26, 2009

favorite cycling accomplishments of 2009

1. coached Katie over the winter to hang with the big girls in 2009
2. coached Andy to some good results in ultra-endurance MTB events
3. built up to and competed in a 24 hour solo road race
4. held my own at the American Velodrome Challenge at Hellyer
5. held my own at the Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge placing 5th in the points race
6. learned how to race omniums and collected plenty of data for my 2010 campaign
7. made many new friends in the track racing community
8. had Rick Adams describe my last points race of the season as brilliant
9. learned how to periodize training programs for all types of athletes and races
10. finally started a sensible and sustainable strength program
11. celebrated ten years of freedom from alcohol
12. celebrated one year at a job that I love
13. began racing on custom fitted handmade bicycles
14. learned that most people are incapable of hearing the truth, hear only what they want to hear, and project their own bullshit on to others...and that's okay