Sunday, November 16, 2008


Saturday we had a big field of about twenty including Jesse Mendonca, Rob Evans, Daniel Holloway, Scott Zwizansky, Michael Hernandez, Steve Pelaez, Michael Hutchinson, Billy Innes, Shelley Olds, Meg Guarnier, and others I don't yet know in a very fast couple of A races at Hellyer for the Ride the World Cup fundraiser for the Proman ladies Shelley Olds and Meg Guarnier. For the first 8 minutes of the points race we averaged 29.4mph. I barely hung by the skin on my teeth but I'll be ready for them fools next summer. I can feel it in my bones.

Today I met my buddy Andy down at the confluence and he taught me a thing or two about ripping downhill and floating over rocks. I get to practice bunnyhopping, endos and manualing before our next session. I'm excited about riding on the dirt again.

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