Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Back

It's been eleven weeks since my last race and I'm finally ready to get back to work. I'm dreaming of a 2009 season with no major life changes. I want to wrench, race, coach, and spend quality time with my loved ones. I want the hardest decisions to be what play lists to pick for my long rides and what aero-bars to put on my pursuit bike. I ain't saying I expect the wind to be always at my back, a lucky break or two will do just fine. So far I'm thinking I should race all of the district championship events on the track and on the road. I really really really want to complete the entire Cal Cup Series. I wanna kick ass for March Madness and Bike Commute Month in May. April is all about a sweet vacation, Copperopolis and the Madera Stage Race. On my wish list is the Davis 12/24, the Davis Double, and the Terrible Two. Hopefully I'll figure out how to do it all on Rex Bikes.

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jasmine said...

hmmm spending time with loved ones. Go idea... lets do that this year ;) Oh yeah and the page looks good. (haven't looked in like a year)