Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where does the time go?

So it's been like three weeks since my last blog. I've been focused on getting through the holiday season with as much fitness and sanity as I entered. One outta two ain't bad. My CTL on December 13 was 111 TSS and assuming I can stay on my bike all day Tuesday I should start the New Year at 113. That is about where I was at the end of April last year. My last build period ended on November 29 so I have been on this current plateau for almost a month. If all goes well I should reach 120 TSS on February 1.

I've mostly been on a diet of sub-threshold work with the weekly group ride thrown in. I'm riding comfortably on the River Ride and moving around the pack with ease, though I'm not strong enough to go with the breaks. But, all I need for that is a few weeks of focused V02 intervals and I should be right there. That is my favorite kind of speed work...6 x 3:00 by 3:00 at 400 watts on the tt-bike. Ahhhck, March seems so far away!


Anonymous said...

Who is Dino Dante? Moving through the pack with ease? I always see you at the back. :)

Dino Dante said...

Dude, always for you is one river ride all winter hahaha. I can get to the front whenever I want, except in the final 200 meters flibbity-floo.