Monday, August 16, 2010

The Mad Dash

It's been a little over a year since I decided to make track racing my primary focus. As I get closer to the top I find myself trying to emulate some of my favorite racers. There are a few that I make a point to watch whenever possible. Dave McCook, Jame Carney, Zak Kovalcik, Giovanni Rey, Laura McCaughey, Steve Pelaez, Brian Peterson, Jen Featheringill, Pete Billington and Cari Higgins come quickly to mind. I've been wondering since returning from TVC, AVC, and FSA-GP why this particular group has enchanted me. The one thing that stands out most clearly is an image of these riders coming over the top through turns three and four and passing several riders on their way to the line. And when they come barreling down that finishing straight I always get a little giggle at how fast they are pedaling. It's precisely that head down, elbows out, whirling mad dash for the line that keeps me getting on my bike day after day and dreaming of the next big race.

Following is the final 2 laps of a recent ten mile race...

2 to go and this poor guy has Zak Carney Beardsley Allen McCook and a pack of hungry young Canadians on his tail...Zak hit the front on the back stretch and was friggin flying!

1 lap to go and the final three are on the front. McCook was tucked in nice but couldn't hold it...

Zak put in an amazing dig and almost held it but Carney is just too darn fast.

Uh yeah, 29+ MPH on a tight bumpy track. Sweet Baby Jeezus! See you at the next show.

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