Wednesday, June 2, 2010

VO2max #2 Quadrant Analysis

Okay, in staying with my mantra "don't get hurt don't get hurt don't get hurt" I headed out to do just one set of 6x3x3 with the goal being to get the cadence up into the track specific quadrant 1. I'm pretty sure I could have completed a second set but we'll just have to wait til Monday to see for sure. That said, I am very happy to report that I was able to do all six in the 107-112 rpm range. See how the red blob has shifted to the right compared to my last post? The other unexpected occurrence was I popped out of bed when the alarm went off raring to go. This is a new sensation for this time of year as traditionally I am in deep fatigue and suffering the June Swoon. This balanced racing schedule and specific training is really starting to look like it's coming together in time for Portland and Seattle woohoo! Friday night I have no choice but to race with the P/1/2/3's so I guess I'm in for some speed work and a good old fashioned whoopin'.

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