Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Waiting

Here is Steve standing on his own two feet! And yes that frame on the alignment table is my precious. I've been riding the tin can for what seems like an eternity. I can't wait to race this bike!!!

On the training front things are going well. Since I last wrote, three weeks ago, I did one week of mixed intervals for kicks and a bit of a blowout, followed by two days off, skipping my weekly long ride. Then I did one week of long tempo intervals and a long steady ride of 100 miles in six hours. Last week I did three consecutive days of threshold intervals followed by a 100 mile ride in five hours that ended with the Monday Wheelmen ride. In the middle of the long ride I did two hours at 220 watts with a sprint every five minutes. Yes that is 24 sprints with a peak of 900-1000 watts and an average of 700-800 for ten seconds!!! Ouch! The next hour was solid tempo at 244 watts and then the Monday night ride. I spent a long time on the front wondering why no one was coming around. heeheehee

I've committed to the Davis Bike Club's 300k on March 28. That should be a pretty good test of my fitness. After that it's Copperopolis and a solo 250 mile ride and then the big taper to the 12/24. And when I say taprer I really mean race sharpening where I'll gain race specific fitness while also getting plenty of rest relative to my chronic (long term) training load.

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